Our Team

Christmas Day 2010

The Akola Family: Adam, Abby, and JedediahAdam, Abby & Jedediah Akola

Abby lived with the Hostetters for 15 years.  She is working with her husband in Bolgatanga, a regional capital.  They have started a Christian School, and have five students.


Jeremiah, Brittney, Hannah, and Jonathan Hostetter

Jeremiah grew up in Ghana.  He and Brittney have been married 5 years, during which time they have worked with the school & Church in Kumasi.   In August, the Hostetter Jr’s plan to end their service in Ghana to begin a new work in Cameroon.

Attah, Jessica, Zion, and Havilah Osebreh

Jessica was one year old when Jeff and Sherrie arrived in Ghana.  After graduating from Bomso Christian Academy at age 16, she traveled to the US, got a job and some college opportunities.  After praying about her future, she decided to return to Ghana to help with Bomso Christian Academy.  She had 17 students in her first “Learning-to-Read” class.

Jessica and Attah have been married for 5 years.  They are the house parents for the boarding house, which has housed between 8-17 children at different times.  Many of these children are orphaned or abandoned children.


George, Alyssa, Arioch, and Jemimah Osebreh

George has been a part of our team for 6 years, when he came to stay in the boarding house after the death of his father.  After finishing BCA, he married a Missouri girl, Alyssa, and started working as a Supervisor in one of the learning Centers.


Jonny Reijgers & Jenni Judd

Without volunteers like these two volunteers from Montana we’d have a difficult time ministering to the children in Ghana.  Jenni and Jonny have been helping in BCA since October, 2010.  They will leave in June.  Who will fill their shoes…?


Laura Judd came to Ghana in September 2009 for a school year.  She was blessed by the work so much she came back for another school year!





Beth Ann Modlin hails from the great state of North Carolina.  Being a “Tar Heel” Beth Ann truly sticks to a task.  Beth Ann came with a team from NC in June of 2008 for a two week visit.  Challenged by the ministry opportunities, she came back to Ghana and has been serving with the Hostetters in Kumasi.


Godwin, Gloria, Eshton, Ethan, and Chloe Wonder are working in the Village of Atia, 17 miles from Kumasi.  Gloria came to Ghana from Michigan when she was 17 years old, right after the 9-11 incident.  She graduated from BCA, and began working as a “Learning-to-Read” Supervisor.