2012 in REVIEW

                        OUR NEWS AND VIEWS FROM KUMASI, GHANA
Nothing comes easy in Africa, a hard land for tough people.  A land where getting from one place to the next becomes a safari adventure rather than just a simple trip.  Where having electricity and water both on at the same time for a few days is cause for celebration.  Where many roads look more like dried out river beds than roads.  Where being completely healthy for an entire month nearly never occurs.  But also, a place for us to shine brightly as His Spirit empowers and leads us in following in Christ’s victory! (II Cor.2:14)
Now we will run the tape backwards of our ministry for 2012, starting from December:
Dec. 31st. – New Year’s Party was a blazing success.  It was all about Hebrews 12:1-3, using YouTube videos about Navy Seals, Tough Mudders, Death Races and Spartan obstacle runs, plus doing our own version.  (Some have asked for the program, which I’ll be glad to send.)
Dec. 25th – A real CHRIST-mas, a birthday party for Jesus, with all the family!! YEAH!
Dec. 21-24th – Family Camp was awesome!  God gave so much to us:  our entire family, from India and Cameroon and USA; great Youtubes like Eric Ludy (The Gospel); special music like our son Jeremiah’s special songs he wrote and plenty of energetic singing and special tribal dances; wonderful speakers like Binoy Thomas, Steve Icenogle and others; dry weather (though HOT!); and much, much more.  Local contributions covered more than 85% of costs.  Attendees from Togo and all around Ghana were  united in spirit and the whole atmosphere was extremely positive.  ”Best one yet”, was the consensus.  As the biggest special event our mission runs, we are so thankful to God.
November – Thanksgiving with all but the Hostetters from Cameroon.  Akolas, Thomases, Osebreh Srs. , Jackson, Todd, Alima and special guest, an American chiropractor friend, Dr Faith, made a fine group to celebrate the best of America’s godly Biblical heritage.  All enjoyed my devotion on that subject and the fine meal prepared under Sherrie’s direction. (Except the two turkeys that Adam brought down, that is!)

Also, clearing the Osebreh’s shipping container from the US.
September – Started the 17th year of Bomso Christian Academy, BCA, producing disciples for Jesus who become like Jesus.
October – A very well attended Strength Seminar at our gym, and a very productive and overdue visit to preach and teach at Fumesua, where Opoku preaches. (It is near Kumasi).
September- A very challenging time for us with Sherrie’s health issues, with symptoms that mimicked colon cancer, (which killed her grandpa), and/or other serious diseases.  Praise God who delivers us from every trouble, after travelling to Accra and seeing a specialist, the diagnosis was nothing serious after all.  I believe God answered the prayers of many and spared me an awful loss.
August – A very productive trip to India, encouraging and building faith in our hardworking daughter and her wonderful husband and four grandkids, plus the many Indians they are serving.  Multiple opportunities to preach and teach God’s word at all levels.
July – Successful completion of another great year of BCA.
May – Our first trip to Cameroon, an unforgettable time with our son Jeremiah and his beautiful, diligent wife, Brittney, and two of the best grandkids in the world.  What an amazing country and how far the Hostetter’s have gone in making this wild, jungly, mountainous nation of incredible cultural and geographical diversity their new home.
April – Konkomba Family Camp, a real time of camping in the remote village environment to offer encouragement via preaching, sports events and video, for the “least of these our brethren.”  Also, a special time with our own adopted kids, Jackson and Alima, plus Todd and KK’s family, (who has been faithfully working with us since 1983, when we first arrived fresh in Ghana as a very young, starry eyed couple with baby Jessica), at Axim for a much needed vacation.  A BIG bonus as K.K and Elizabeth’s oldest daughter,Joanna, gave
me the privilege of immersing her into Christ right there in the ocean!!
March – Special men’s meeting on the rocks at Via Lake near Bolgatanga, in the far north of Ghana, with son-in-law, Adam Akola,

married to adopted daughter, Abby.  Wonderful fellowship in the oven heat of March, with a mile run to the lake, powerful preaching and manly singing and bonding.
 While there, George Osebreh’s wife, Alyssa, had five armed robbers brazenly break into their apartment in Kumasi, with their two toddlers sleeping, and steal from her.  But no real harm done – the Lord protected them.  This was the start of an incredible crime spree by this gang of thieves in our neighborhood that went basically unchecked for eight months!  Several other brothers were robbed at gunpoint or chased down dark allies.
February – A wonderful first-ever trip by Sherrie and I, with Todd, and Erin Martin, volunteers for our mission, to Hohoe, in the mountainous and remote Volta Region of Ghana, to encourage Caleb Lantame’s dear family.  The Lantame’s are both products of BCA and are doing evangelistic work to start a new congregation there.
After returning to Kumasi, it was exciting to immerse Erin Martin (17) into Christ in our bathtub at home. What a joy to see people come to help in Ghana and get saved themselves in the process! Seems pretty fair, when you think about it.  They give much, and get more.
 Before the Hohoe trip, Sherrie and I, again with Todd and Erin, returned to our “ol’stompin grounds” of the hilly, forested Brong-Ahafo region, where our family ministered for 9 years (1984- 1992), preaching for Bro. Enormous Emmanuel’s congregation at Adantia, in their own partly finished building.  An surprise immersion made the day, plus the joy of seeing our second disciple and his family serving so diligently our Lord.
January – The best and biggest news was the obedience of our adopted girl, Alima (18) to the gospel and see her become a new creature in Christ!  We took her in over 9 years before then, from her Moslem relatives, and never ceased praying and hoping for her true conversion to Christ.  She has become a very disciplined, sweet and helpful daughter to us in our “old-er age.”

She will be a very helpful helpmate someday to someone very special – unless she ops for single service to Christ, of course.

We also decided to leave our rental house of 20 years and move down the street.  This was concluded in February, and involved more work than we care to remember.  But what a blessing, with lower rent, quieter, more spacious and comfortable than the old, and without the continue unreasonable hassle of that landlady.  God is so good!

Well, the rewind is over.  I am leaving so much out, of course,  There was another strength seminar, judging a powerlifting contest at the university, the continued court case with a new judge assigned late last year, and countless sessions of counseling, personal Bible studies, family devotions, preaching in the school assemblies, and using Skype to encourage and share with our family in India, USA (then) and Cameroon.  Much sickness for Sherrie and I – including malaria and undiagnosed but very painful viruses necessitating IV’s and or shots.  Babies have been born, immersions have taken place, the kingdom has grown.
We will continue to rely on your love and faith in our mission.  We are working as hard as possible.  We will continue to prevail over the travails, and travel much for the Kingdom of King Jesus.  Without the generous and special gifts and sincere prayers of every one of you, we would not be able to make such a report.  Thank you, and I pray we all have a very productive year growing our faith and the faith of others in Jesus Christ.
Interested in seeing the ministry news from two of our children you can read their blog spots: Christ for Cameroonnoreply@blogger.com via google.com and AdequateAdvocate.  Enjoy the reading and pictures!
Love in Christ,
Jeff & Sherrie Hostetter

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