September’s Summary

Living (Peacefully) in the War Zone
So how do we communicate what living in constant danger for our lives and property feels like without sounding like we are whining or just looking for pity?  Yet the peace of Christ does provide plenty of comfort.  Like those in the Amazon basin living with deadly piranhas, we also must live with what we cannot change without letting it get to us. Check out our daughter Jessica’s blog spot, and read about how the armed robbers are running rampantly through our neighborhood.  Recently, the local government called a town meeting to find a solution, as explained in her blog spot. What is funny(?) is that the local leader of this security initiative just got robbed of everything while he and his family slept soundly – thanks to the chloroform provided by the robbers!  Everything except one couch – his house was emptied!!  And he had been bragging at the town meeting I attended of owning two vicious American guard dogs!  Today was to be the start of the “Third Eye Security” turning this community into a virtual fortress at night, but so far, no show.  Pray.  CHRIST IS OUR ROCK HIGHER THAN US.  Living in the jungle is safe in His mighty arms. (Read Psalm 91) We have experienced this protection more than once – even from armed robbers in the house and a cobra in our commode!
What is more important is that God can and does protect us against worse things – like temptations.  Lot, living in Sodom, proved that. (II Pet.2:1-11) And Paul agreed – God can provide a way of escape for every temptation.  (I Cor.10:13)  Sin is the real threat, and Satan will destroy us if we don’t “armor up” and resist him in the power of the Spirit.  Sin destroys, mars, divides, breaks hearts and families apart, shames the church and stops the forward focus and progress of God’s people.  Sin can drag us even down to hell.

Ready, Set, Go! BCA Starts Up – 17th Year.
Since starting Sept17th, we’re in our third week already.  Most of our kids returned, but sadly, we have lost two.  Without serious help, these are highly vulnerable “disadvantaged” street kids who will end up very badly.  But you can’t force them to change or even attend school or Bible class, unless their caretakers make them come, which they too often won’t or even cannot do, having lost nearly all control over them. (Sounds familiar?) These children just don’t understand the consequences of their choices until its too late.  Pray that we can still intervene and rescue them, and never, never give up.  God wants tough love that hangs in there and takes the loss of one single sheep seriously.  On the other hand, we rejoice in the majority who returned and are now schooling and being discipled to become like Christ.  I am preaching, teaching the older students a special class about the greatest gift of God to man – the precious indwelling Holy Spirit, using the Holy Spirit booklet, and coaching them intensely in weight training four days per week.  Also individually counseling in career planning and personal goal setting.
The Return of Our Wonderful Osebrehs  And Todd Vanderbilt… on September 11
What joy to see and hug our eldest daughter and her husband, Attah, and grandkids after travelling down on the very bumpy road from Kumasi.  (See Jessica’s blog also about that.)  We’re very proud of their faith and commitment in returning to Ghana to continue in ministry with us.  Pray for Attah, who will be soon returning to the USA for his final immigration interview October 29th.  He will need to help clear a 40 ft. shipping from the port here before that.  Once this interview is over, he will be able to become a US citizen, which will be good in travelling with Jessica to the States to report on their work and raise funds.  We are also excited to see Todd return for his second term here as a volunteer with our mission.  He’s a great guy and another “son” to Sherrie and I.
-  Adolf Samatey, our mission representative in Accra and the preacher for the church there showed up for two days of training here in our school to be the administrator for the new school there.  Exciting stuff!
-  We go back to court again October 18th.  New judge, and a new trial.  We have no idea what to expect. Pray!
-  Rains came very late this year, so we are back to power shedding schedule, which means the government is rationing the electricity nationwide so the hydroelectric power from the water behind the Akosombo Dam will not run out next year and leave the country in a total blackout.  We are thankful for our generator, even it it won’t run an A/C.
Sherrie’s Health Update
Thanks for all the prayers, and keep on praying.  We are still rejoicing in the results of the colonoscopy done in Accra.  No colon cancer is indeed great news. Nevertheless, Sherrie continues to have poor health and will actually be going today for a malaria test.  We are praying for the Lord to reveal what we need to do for better health. There are so many negative factors that could play a role, living here in a very disease-ridden place and with so much environmental stress factors.  The Lord knows, and persistence in prayer is enjoined by Jesus, and so we must.
I visited the doctor last week, but decided to forgo treatment (malaria meds, injected) and keep praying for relief.  By God’s grace, I have recovered and even benched pressed 300 lbs. for the first time in 18 months.  God is good!

Truck Update
Thanks to all who have contributed for us to buy a new vehicle.  Check out Jeremiah’s blog and videos of roads in Cameroon and see West African roads at their finest, and also compare Jessica’s blog.  Good vehicles are a must for safe and efficient travel here.

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